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Well, no one can see them but they sure are important. Your switch you use sends a signal to the actual motor to telling it to go up or down. That motor then actually has to suck voltage and output power to push and pull that window of yours where it needs to go.

Over time it wears out.. (You’ll notice it getting slower) Well, from there just either let it die and leave you getting wet or sporting a nice plastic bag over your door or get a used window motor that is OEM and low in use to replace the one you have.

There are literally thousands of window motors out there. Probably the most readily available are the chevy window motors since there are so many of these on the road in the first place.

Be sure to grab one that was pulled closer to the age of the vehicle since then you know its not been in use.. These things can sit up fine and that means no up and down stress on the solenoids.

Well, we had a Suburban with around 50K on it and it started going nuts. The speed would just be all over the place and then it would just go down to 0.

Glad we had it under warranty or we would have been out around a grand for a new one. There was an option of getting a used chevy speedometer from a salvage yard and that would have been our choice had it not been under warranty.

Once we got it in place they just had to reset the miles to match the original and its been good ever since.