Types of chairs and sofas for the home

At first glance, chairs seem to be entirely interchangeable in the home. Who hasn’t stolen a chair or two from the dining room when extra seating was needed in the living room? Or borrowed a chair from the kid’s room to accommodate everyone at the dinner table during Thanksgiving?

While all chairs and even sofas in your home share the same basic purpose – to provide a place for you to sit in comfort – they are not all created equal.

Following are just a few of the many chairs and sofa options you have to choose from when furnishing your home.

Occasional Chairs – Also known as accent chairs, these comfortable chairs can be placed anywhere in the home to add additional seating. They usually don’t match the main furnishings, even in style or color. Mixing and matching is one of the true joys of home décor these days as homeowners move away from traditional design concepts toward more eclectic mixtures of colors, styles, and fabrics.

Sofas ­­– Sofas are a staple of most homes these days and can be found in the living room, great room or family room, though smaller versions can also be found in large master suites. Sectionals, motion furniture, and loveseats are all examples of types of sofas. Many sofas have blended designs where a large chaise lounge or recliners have been incorporated into the design.

Dining Room Chairs ­– Usually found around the dining room or kitchen table, you can also use dining room chairs around a bistro table for a more casual dining experience. They also make great side chairs in larger rooms, serving as additional seating for larger gatherings of family and friends.

Lounge Chairs – These chairs are built for one purpose: comfort. They can take many forms and be finished in any number of styles, but the overriding goal of these comfortable chairs is to provide relaxation. They can be used in virtually any room in your home where a truly comfortable chair is desired. Lounge chairs may have a reclining feature or come with a matching ottoman so you can really stretch out.

Home Theater Chairs – As home theaters have gained in popularity, this type of comfortable chair has become popular as well. Designed specifically for enjoying a movie or show, home theater chairs may include features such as sections that recline, fold out tables and storage areas for remotes and viewing guides.

Rocking Chairs – One thing’s for sure. Rockers aren’t just for grandma and grandpa anymore. Today’s rockers often don’t look any different from other comfortable chairs in your home as the rocker mechanism is hidden. Of course, if you’re a traditionalist, you can still get wood rockers that hearken back to a simpler time when grandpa whittled wood on the front porch to pass the time on a hot summer’s day.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kinds of comfortable chairs you can find for the home. Within these larger groupings, you can find church chairs, sleeper chairs, stacking chairs, swivel chairs and more, each in an array of styles, finishes, fabrics, and colors.