velvet dining chairs

Finding velvet dining chairs in a clearance sale July sounds like a contradiction in terms. Velvet dining chairs, after all, are the epitome of luxury in dining room furniture. Their plush, rich, often tufted design is the perfect complement to a formal dining room furnished in rich hardwoods, fine china, and oil paintings in gilded frames.

Yet it is not impossible to find velvet-dining chairs at clearance sales. Though velvet-upholstered chairs July be a bit pricier than selections upholstered in other fabrics, they are available on sale and will create instant elegance in a dining space.

Awesome Velvet Dining Chairs

For instant glamor, homeowners can choose velvet-dining chairs in rich jewel tones jade, ruby, amethyst, and sapphire. Yet many homeowners prefer the versatility of neutrals. In that case, they can choose nut-brown or jet-black velvet upholstery, which can blend with a variety of backdrops.

Homeowners who want to purchase dining chairs upholstered in velvet, however, need to ask a few questions before taking ownership of the chairs. Because velvet is such a lush fabric, it is often difficult to clean, since food particles can be stuck in the soft pile. Homeowners should check with the salesperson that the chairs have been treated with a stain repellent before purchasing. A bargain that has to be tossed in a few short years because it is difficult to keep clean is no bargain at all.

Homeowners should also keep a copy of the care instructions for the fabric in an easily accessible place. When the inevitable spill occurs, quick action, following the manufacturers’ directions, can prevent permanent staining.

Modern Velvet Dining Chairs in Door

With a few precautions, homeowners looking to give their dining rooms a touch of glamor at bargain prices would do well to scour the sales at their local furniture stores for velvet dining chairs at clearance prices. The money they save can then be used to purchase rich, elegant accessories to give their dining room a rich, finished look