Windsor dining chairs in oak

The graceful, rounded back of Windsor dining chairs in oak can provide comfortable, durable seating for homeowners who want to combine elegance and rugged texture in their dining room furniture. Choosing oak dining chairs crafted into a curved Windsor design is one way to have dining chairs that stand up to frequent use, yet provide a look that is pleasing to the eye.

The ancient art of Feng shui has long advocated the use of curves in design. To the human brain, curved designs seem more pleasing to the eye than angular shapes. With the carpentry technique of steam bending having been discovered in the 18th century, bent wood chairs have been a favorite of homeowners ever since. Windsor chairs are one of the oldest and most enduring bent wood designs.

Brecon Dining Table and Windsor Chairs

In a dining area, a pleasing appearance is necessary. So, however, are materials that can hold up under daily use. Windsor chairs crafted from oak are one way to have dining chairs that serve both purposes. With their curved backs and the characteristic grain of oak wood accented by a fine finish, Windsor chairs have a timeless appearance that can fit into either a casual or a formal setting. Oak, of course, is one of the most rugged hardwoods. Dining chairs constructed from hardwood can last a lifetime.

Windsor chairs, too, are easily repaired, because the chairs’ legs and backs are formed by pushing them into holes. Spindles, therefore, can be easily replaced if broken. Replacement parts made from oak wood are easy to find in the unlikely case that a chair needs to be repaired. Scratches are a breeze to repair with a wax furniture stick and a little polish.

The saddle seat of most Windsor chairs is designed for comfort. Diners can linger in these chairs for hours after a meal with ease, unlike many chairs that lack support or a basic, anatomy-friendly design.

Kitchen Windsor Dining Chairs

With its looks, comfort, and lasting power, the Windsor dining chair in oak is a good choice for homeowners who want furniture in a classic design that will endure the test of time. Their hardwood construction ensures that the dining chairs will stay in good repair down through the years.